1. garden:breakfast

  2. Lake Crescent, Olympic Peninsula

    We woke up tangled in sheets and wool in the back of his truck after sleeping only a few hours. I unhitched the tailgate and was overwhelmed by the majesty of this lake. Thousands of trees piled on top of each other and growing until the last possible minute, taking the last bit of earth before lake begins. Ice water, as clear and blue and perfect as anything. Sun skipped across the waters surface sending flashes of perfect white light into the space above the lake. I found a fallen tree with a blanket of green grey yellow moss growing so thickly and so keenly on its trunk and made that mass my sunbathing perch. After some time I jumped in. It was 6 am and I had seen the Milky Way the night before. It was 6 am and this man seated  behind me was glowing gold. I swam as fiercely as I knew and my heart raced and my fingers turned white with cold and my shoulders knew only the suns rays and i swear to fucking god, Washington state is keeping it psychedelic.

  3. Second Beach, Olympic Peninsula

  5. Found these axes at the Goodwill today. The smaller is a Norlund Saddle Cruiser (double headed) and the larger is still a mystery, though it appears to be some sort of standard double headed fire axe. Both came with the leather sheaths and each were under $10. Total score.

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  8. S Q U A S H   B L O  S S O M

  9. Lana

  10. Kathleen’s dress.